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"“I want to be able to go into rehabs and get kids — kids who I know are going back into negative environments, and let them be a part of something like this,” said Gabriel, a Rutgers University alum. “I want to give them an opportunity that wakes them up and helps them say, ‘I don’t have to do drugs. I don’t have to be in a gang. You know what, there are opportunities for me out there.’ ”"
Up from bootstraps: Sneaker dream comes true
Asbury Park Press - November 26, 2015
Mascavii Footwear Launches Range To Help Recovering Drug Addicts
Footwear news - May 28, 2016
"Aside from aiming to rock the world of fashion, Mascavii is also hoping to shed light on the problem of drug addiction among New Jersey teenagers."
Mascavii Footwear Unveils High Top Sneakers
The Knockturnal - June 22, 2016
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